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    1. 12 person tent: Be comfortable and safe even when sleeping in the outdoors when you have the Chamonix Instant Cabin 12 person Tent. This model is designed to accommodate 12 adults at the same time, so you can have your entire family or group of friends under one roof. Despite its size, it is easy to set up in about five minutes and does not require any special assembly. 
    2. Wall tents for sale: Chamonix wall tents for sale comes with lots of features like a panoramic view with the extra-large windows and a shade porch. The center height also leaves plenty of room to walk around. Chamonix wall tents for sale available just a few clicks away.
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Hear From Our Happy Campers
I like camping but it can be hard to find a tent that gets me passionate about it. I'm so happy I purchased this one. It's roomy, easy to set up, and lightweight. I like that it has a good quality mesh netting on the openings to keep the mosquitos out
Dom Randolph
The BEST part of our 10' Signature Canvas Tent is that there's plenty of space for my husband & I to sleep comfortably. Seriously, out of the 12 nights or so that we've used it, I've gotten a good sleep every time
Georgia Collins
I love this tent! I can't wait to use it again in a couple weeks. It's so spacious, and the mesh panels allow for airflow, which is perfect for hot summer nights when you need to stay cool. The color is nice too, seems like it won't fade
Andrea Wojo
I bought this tent because I go camping a lot with our Scouts troop & I have 12 years service in the Marines. I wanted something I could stand up in & not feel cramped. We camped in June for a week with 4 days of rain. NO LEAKS and the floor didn't feel moist. Awesome. I went with the 13' one.
Jeremy Dillon

What is a Wall Tent?

Wall tents have been used by people since 1690 for camping andhunters needing hunting tents. They are a highly versatile shelter that can be pitched in a variety of environments, and come in sizes up to a 12 person tent. Back in the day they were known as "Shelter Tents." Wall tents are often used as hunting tents for fishing, camping, and can be used by a variety of outdoor enthusiasts, because they are extremely durable, and are usually made of thick, durable canvas and a sturdy framework built to have vertical walls and a flat roof top, rather than be teepee-esque in their appearance.

Wall tents for sale are an excellent choice for those who need more long-term, multi-season, and sometimes non-leisure camping purposes. They can even accommodate a wooden stove, making them great as winter tents. Wall tents are the perfect solution for many campers that need something that will offer protection from cold winds and even rain. They're designed to be used in colder climates, so they're great for people who don't get out of their campsite much during the year and need a winter tent.

Benefits of using wall tents for camping

When camping, some people prefer to have a lot of space. However, space can be hard to come by when choosing your next tent. Chamonix wall tents are the perfect solution! They are lightweight, incredibly roomy, and easy to transport, so they work especially great for a last minute trip because whether you're going alone or bring 5 other people, our wall tents will fit everyone comfortably with up to a 12 person tent! Wall tents can also be used as a larger tent that has multiple rooms in it, all you will need is to use a fabric as a divider, and secure it with clips to the roof of the tent and center pole.

Wall tents are perfect for a camp outing since they give you and the other members of your group a comfortable and cozy place to sleep after a long day of outdoor activities. The double-wall construction gives it that homely feel, while also providing an extra layer of protection from bugs, pesky mosquitoes, and the moisture in the air.

Wall tents require less time and effort to erect than your normal tent you'd find at a department store. They also offer much more security & stability, especially when windy. stronly consider a wall tent for sale when looking for your next camping purchase.

Are they worth the investment?

Wall tents are a more expensive option than cheaper types of camping shelters, such as polyester Walmart tents and pop-up campers. Their larger size and high quality fabric can add to their price, but they provide plenty of space for family and friends to gather together. Nowadays, it's common for people to have camping equipment that lasts through years or decades because they are so durable. So if you're looking to go camping on a long-term basis, you can be assured that you'll have the proper set up that you need with a wall tent.

Wall tents have been around for a long time and have been a staple in camping culture, from camping to hunting tents. Recently, there’s been a resurgence of interest from campers as they see there are many benefits to be had from using them. They provide supreme comfort and convenience. They offer a nice flat floor and all the features of home without the hassle and expense of electricity and furniture. The tent's high ceiling creates a sense of space and makes for comfortable living quarters.

Used as hunting tents

Takign your wall tent to go hunting is definitely not the same as your father's hunting cabin. A new trend in the hunting scene is that of wall tents. Wall tents offer many benefits over traditional cabins, including a smaller footprint for a trek into the woods, a lower price tag, and easy set up. Wall tents, in our opinion, are the best and most spacious way to camp when you need a hunting tent, especially if you bring lots of supplies and a stove.

How to pitch a wall tent

The person pitching the tent needs to spread out one side of the tent and then another person has to push in the poles on opposite sides. The tent must be stretched tight, so that it stands in the air. Then guy ropes are tied too close together in opposite corners of the tent. The ropes are pulled taunt, which helps keep it standing up straight.

Tips for caring for your wall tent 

Every tent needs to be taken care of in order to make it last. There are a few things you should do to take care of your wall tent:

Wall tents are made of canvas. You will need to take care of the tent by using a sponge or scrub brush with soap and water to clean it. For the floor, you need to use a broom and sweep away any debris that might have entered. You can also vacuum your floor which will get down deep into the fabric so it is very clean.

If there develops a small tear over time from heavy usage, you should fix it right away. You don't want the tear to get bigger and consume more of the wall. The last, most critical part, is packing the tent up for storage. You have to make sure that the tent is not damp, this will put the canvas fabric in jeopardy of mold growing on it in storage.

What size is right for you?

A couple or small family might use a 4-6 person tent, while a large family might want a 10 person tent for more space. Picking out the size of your wall tent is really important. You're not just thinking about your next camping trip, you want to have enough space for future camping trips that you & your family/friends may want to go on too. What size tent is right for you really depends on how many people, or family members, there are in your group. If you're on your own, any size will do (and you don't need to buy anything). But if your family is bigger than one person, then it's more practical to pick one that has more space.

A wall tent is a big tent that goes up on a frame. You can put a queen size mattress in it. A small wall tent that will fit 2-4 people comfortably would be atleast 14 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 6 1/2 feet tall for everyone to sleep comfortably.

The best wall tents on the market: 

There are a few great wall tents on the market, but if you're looking a tent that is easy to set up and has plenty of room, then our Signature Canvas Tent is the best choice, and comes in sizes for up to 4, 6, 8, and 10 people. It comes with a stove jack and two windows with zippered closure, so it's perfect for families. It also includes a handy carry bag, stakes to keep it secure, and a mallot to pound them in!