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Hear From Our Happy Campers
I like camping but it can be hard to find a tent that gets me passionate about it. I'm so happy I purchased this one. It's roomy, easy to set up, and lightweight. I like that it has a good quality mesh netting on the openings to keep the mosquitos out
Dom Randolph
The BEST part of our 10' Signature Canvas Tent is that there's plenty of space for my husband & I to sleep comfortably. Seriously, out of the 12 nights or so that we've used it, I've gotten a good sleep every time
Georgia Collins
I love this tent! I can't wait to use it again in a couple weeks. It's so spacious, and the mesh panels allow for airflow, which is perfect for hot summer nights when you need to stay cool. The color is nice too, seems like it won't fade
Andrea Wojo
I bought this tent because I go camping a lot with our Scouts troop & I have 12 years service in the Marines. I wanted something I could stand up in & not feel cramped. We camped in June for a week with 4 days of rain. NO LEAKS and the floor didn't feel moist. Awesome. I went with the 13' one.
Jeremy Dillon

What makes a good hunting tent?

Hunting tents were created specifically to house hunters and their supplies. These shelters are typically roomy, lightweight, and easy to set up. Hunting tents are typically constructed with sturdy rigid poles so they can be erected with minimal effort. They are also usually designed for durability because of the rough usage they endure during hunting trips. Hunters can be found spending days, weeks, and even months in a hunting tent.

This article presents a compilation of exactly what to look for in a hunting tent, and why our cotton canvas tents are the superior choice because we have been successfully providing hunters with sturdy and comfortable camping tents for years. Tons of R&D has been done at our company, we have evaluated all of the most important features that hunters need to have a great trip. Each one of our tents has been evaluated based on design, ability to withstand the elements, and overall durability.

Benefits of using a quality tent when hunting

Hunters often camp for days in the woods and it is important to be prepared. One of the most important parts of preparing for a hunting trip is finding a solid shelter to keep you dry and warm on those cold nights. Many hunters opt for a tent because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to set up. A quality hunting tent will last years and provide the necessary protection from any animals or mosquitos that might try to get in. Not all tents are created equal. A hunting tent is a crucial piece of equipment for a safe and comfortable hunting trip. You need a tent that is able to withstand the elements and provide your gear with protection from the environment. 

What are the different types of hunting tents?

Hunting tents come in many different shapes and sizes, but each model has a few basic components. The frame is typically made of aluminum or steel and will vary in size depending on the user's needs. Some frames are designed to work with a specific type of peg and might require you to drill holes before use. To keep water from entering through the tent's zipper, many models come with a double-pull zipper that uses two zippers instead of one. 

What type of hunting tent are you looking for?

If you’ve been looking for a new hunting tent, you might be wondering if the tent is suitable for your needs. Hunting tents are designed with different features to match any type of hunter, and there are many options to consider. This article will help educate you on what to look for in a hunting tent and what features might be best suited for your preferences. You must take into consideraton things such as price, practicality, size, etc. One such consideration, for example, is wind resistance. Often people ask us how our hunting tents hold up in high winds. A tents ability to withstand the wind ultimately comes to how well it staked down, it's tear resistance of the material, and it's design. At Chamonix Camping, we craft our tents with an extremely durable, thick 10.6oz cotton canvas. In order to make sure your tent is staked well, we include heavy duty pegs with ropes and a mallot to pound the pegs into the ground.

What is the best size for a hunting tent?

A lot of hunters these days are using tents instead of campers for their hunting trip. This is because they are more lightweight and easier to set up than campers. They also don't require any additional equipment or tools to put them up, which can make the process go much more quickly. On the other hand, many people worry about the size of a tent when it comes to fitting in all of their gear - especially when it might be raining. We recommend going with a tent that has ample room for all of your gunting gear, coolers, etc. In our experience, it is 100x better to splurge on a slightly larger tent for your group rather than to spend the whole trip feeling crammed at night and in the morning.  

What do you need to know before buying a hunting tent?

 One of the first things to think about when shopping for a hunting tent tent is its price. The market is very broad and you can find a tent for virtually any price and type on the market today. Hunting tents can range from $700 to $3,000. This seems like a lot of money but if you’re a serious hunter, you’ll be using your tent a lot more than your car.

 After price, durability is the other most important thin to consider. Anyone looking to buy a hunting tent should be looking at how long the tent is going to last them. Hunting is an every-year sport, and hunters need a tent that is going to be there for them every single year. This is another area where Chamonix Camping tents are considered the best. We guarantee a 5 year warranty on all tents, and a lifetime guarantee on all parts, so if our customers ever lose or break one of the parts, we immediately ship them a new one, worry-free.
Most hunting tents are custom made. This can mean waiting 2 weeks - 2 months for your tent. Make sure you take that into consideration. All Chamonix Camping tents are shipped out via USPS within 48 hours of ordering.

Why should you buy your hunting tent from Chamonix?

At Chamonix, we pride outselves on creating the most value for our hunting customers at the best price. Many companies will advertise their tent at an attractive base price, and by the time you add all of the features you're looking for, another $500 gets tacked on to the purchase in "add-ons". 

We take a completely different approach to our canvas hunting tents, different than any other company. We give you all the features you are looking for in a hunting tent, at price point less then what other companies base prices start at. Even if you're not immediately looking for these features, such as a stove jack, we know they will come in handy one day, for example when you decide to cook some of your delicious freshly caught game for dinner in the tent. After doing your research, you will see that no other tent company beats our combination of quality and price.