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    1. Canvas Cabin Tent: Tents are the best accommodation for those, who want to spend a good time in nature, but did you know? the canvas cabin tent played an important role in your life. They're the best for sheltering and protecting you in both the day and night. Find out everything you need to know before you buy a canvas cabin tent.
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    3. Military TentsGood for camping, hunting, or as temporary shelters, Chamonix military tents are sure to accommodate during and eventful vacation or an emergency. Contact us via telephone or the "contact us" page to help you find the right military tent today! 
    4. Cabin tent With Stove Jack: Chamonix's best cabin tent with stove jack for winter camping, you can have all the warm and coziness of a little cabin in the woods inside of a tent! enjoy your vacations with best tent with stove jack currently on the Chamonix store.
Hear From Our Happy Campers
I like camping but it can be hard to find a tent that gets me passionate about it. I'm so happy I purchased this one. It's roomy, easy to set up, and lightweight. I like that it has a good quality mesh netting on the openings to keep the mosquitos out
Dom Randolph
The BEST part of our 10' Signature Canvas Tent is that there's plenty of space for my husband & I to sleep comfortably. Seriously, out of the 12 nights or so that we've used it, I've gotten a good sleep every time
Georgia Collins
I love this tent! I can't wait to use it again in a couple weeks. It's so spacious, and the mesh panels allow for airflow, which is perfect for hot summer nights when you need to stay cool. The color is nice too, seems like it won't fade
Andrea Wojo
I bought this tent because I go camping a lot with our Scouts troop & I have 12 years service in the Marines. I wanted something I could stand up in & not feel cramped. We camped in June for a week with 4 days of rain. NO LEAKS and the floor didn't feel moist. Awesome. I went with the 13' one.
Jeremy Dillon

What is a Cabin Tent?

If you're looking for a way to camp outdoors without the hassle of bringing your own tent, opting for a cabin tent is a great compromise. These lightweight structures are easy to assemble and can be placed on any level ground or floor surface. The main attraction of these tents is that they offer the same benefits as heavier tents, but with less weight and bulk. Cabin Tents come in various sizes and shapes depending on what type of camping experience you want to have. At Chamonix, we offer sizes ranging from small 1-4 person tents to gigantic 20' models that are perfect for large families or groups who need space for up to 12 sleeping bags.

Camping with a large group of family or friends can be an incredible experience. Without the right tent, however, things can quickly go bad and turn your action packed trip into chaos.

 To avoid this, and make your family trips as fun and comfortable as possible, we recommend opting for a roomy, robust, comfortable tent that feels like a home away from home: enter the cabin tent.

Cabin tents are ideal for camping families, offering room in spades, solid weatherproofing, and a more robust design than standard family tents. As the name suggests, they’re like cabins made with canvas or nylon instead of wood.

What to consider when buying a cabin tent?

First, consider the warranty. How long is it for? If it is short or if there is no warranty, is that because the company wants to protect themselves incase your tent rips after your 3rd outing? We don't want to speak for the practices of other companies, but at Chamonix, we slap a 5-Year Guarantee our every one of our tents, and a lifetime guarantee on all of the hardware, incase it breaks or goes missing. We want our customers to know we have their backs. 

Next, think about how much you can spend. You may be able to find an affordable cabin tent at a department store like Walmart or Cabela's in the $500-$1,000 range, but make sure you know what you are getting for your money. Is it durable enough to last through multiple trips? Do you know anyone using it? Can you get better value elsewhere? 

Here at Chamonix Camping, we offer strong guarantees on every one of our tents, and we have hundreds of happy customers who take our tents camping every weekend!

Cabin tents require less time and effort to erect than the normal tent you would find at a department store. They do offer much more stability & security, especially when it gets windy or damp. We urge everyone to stronly consider a cabin tent for sale when looking for your next camping purchase.

Size: a big factor

Cabin tents are probably the most liveable style of tent. High walls, ample space for storing gear, and a roof hole for a stove to be placed inside.

When making the decision on which size tent to go with, there are two paths of thought. You can either get the exact size you need, if you're camping with 8 people that means an 8 person tent, or people tend to go one size up to allow for more room and breathability. Both options work, but going bigger will always allow you to be more flexible, especially if your camping party ever increases in size.

Layout of a cabin tent

The interior space of the cabin tent is usually pretty straightforward and doesn't consist of any fancy features or interior corridors. It focuses on what's important: large ceilings, spacious rectangular walls, and heavy insulation for when the temperature drops at night, and to provide protection from wind, rain or snow.

The walls of a cabin tent are typically made up of a canvas material that is fairly breathable, and windows protected by mesh lining on both sides, this allows for good airflow to circulate in and out.

Some cabin tent models do come with room dividers (as an add-on) to section off the tent into two different makeshift rooms. This is what people opt for when they have a need for privacy purposes, such as if you want to have kids vs. adults, or if multiple couples are crashing in the tent.

How heavy is a cabin tent?

Between 50lbs - 115lbs. A cabin tent is usually relatively lightweight in comparison to a dome-shaped tent. The weight of the cabin tent largely depends on the size of the tent and how many people can fit. But even though you can share the carrying load with more people when bringing to your campsite, the weight is still something to pay attention to.

Tents that are heavy and much more durable can be easy to conquer if you are an experienced camper or if you have a can-do attitude, but may not be the easiest to pitch for elderly people or if you are only camping somewhere for a day or two, and only need to put up a simple shelter.

Selecting a cabin tent that is within your level of bandwidth is good to consider when shopping around.  


Like most things, cabin tents are either built to last 20+ years, or they are poorly made and end up ripping after the first year.

If you want the kind of shelter that you can enjoy every season for years to come without worrying, there are some easy to spot features to look out for when deciding which company to buy from.   

Setting up and taking down a cabin tent

These tents can take awhile to pitch and dismantle at the end of your trip. A smaller version will most likely take anywhere from 10 - 25 minutes, whereas a large cabin tent will probably take anything from 15 - 40 minutes, all depending on how big it is and complex it is to maneuver its center pole and peg system.

If setup time is of worry to you, then you mut opt for a tent with CRYSTAL CLEAR directions. Make sure the instructions are both in the package when it arrive, and downloadable from the website incase you lose the manual instructions. The last thing you want to have to do is contact customer service when you're in a crunch to start your camping trip.

Where to find the best cabin tents?

There are a few great cabin tents on the market, but if you're looking a tent that is easy to set up and has plenty of room, then our Signature Canvas Tent is the best choice, and comes in sizes for up to 4, 6, 8, and 10 people. It comes with a stove jack and two windows with zip closure, so it's perfect for families. It also includes a handy carry bag, stakes to keep it secure, and a mallot to pound them in!