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yurt tents are rounded, semi-permanent tent structures that are typically covered in cloth-like exteriors.

Today, yurts for sale available all around the world, They’re also a top choice for homeowners in search of secondary structures to expand their home’s living space. Ahead, find our one of the best yurt tent.

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Hear From Our Happy Campers
I like camping but it can be hard to find a tent that gets me passionate about it. I'm so happy I purchased this one. It's roomy, easy to set up, and lightweight. I like that it has a good quality mesh netting on the openings to keep the mosquitos out
Dom Randolph
The BEST part of our 10' Signature Canvas Tent is that there's plenty of space for my husband & I to sleep comfortably. Seriously, out of the 12 nights or so that we've used it, I've gotten a good sleep every time
Georgia Collins
I love this tent! I can't wait to use it again in a couple weeks. It's so spacious, and the mesh panels allow for airflow, which is perfect for hot summer nights when you need to stay cool. The color is nice too, seems like it won't fade
Andrea Wojo
I bought this tent because I go camping a lot with our Scouts troop & I have 12 years service in the Marines. I wanted something I could stand up in & not feel cramped. We camped in June for a week with 4 days of rain. NO LEAKS and the floor didn't feel moist. Awesome. I went with the 13' one.
Jeremy Dillon

What is a Bell Tent?

A bell tent can provide a home away from home for many different types of people. They are perfect for campers, festival goers, athletes, and more. With a bell tent you'll never have to worry about bugs or other critters getting in your sleeping bag because these tents are fully enclosed. And if the weather should change, you'll have an easier time finding shelter inside the tent because it is taller than most tents.

Bell tents are not your average tent. They have a large, peaked roof that resembles the design of a steeple. They were originally designed to protect people from the elements when they were camping outdoors. Nowadays, people use bell tents because they are ideal for any weather conditions, which makes them perfect for both summer and winter camping.

Why bell tents are perfect for camping in bad weather or in remote areas

Camping in the rain or snow is never an ideal situation, but if you are prepared for it with an insulated tent, the experience can be much better. Bell tents are perfect for camping in bad weather or in remote areas because they are designed to withstand these conditions. Canvas bell tents are strong and durable, which means they will not break easily when hit by wind gusts or snow.

Bell tents offer a variety of benefits when camping that other tent types do not. Bell tents are typically made of heavier and stronger materials that keep heavy rains from getting inside. This means that bell tents can be used in the harshest weather conditions, such as in winter or when it is raining - both of which make for terrible conditions to camp in, but can be neutralized by the insulating effects of a bell tent.  

Why buy a bell tent? 

If you're someone who loves camping but is tired of the problems that come with it, there's a perfect solution for you. Bell tents and yurt tents can provide a great experience that doesn't have to be uncomfortable. They are very large and offer plenty of space for cooking, eating, and relaxing. There are many different shapes and sizes to choose from depending on how much room you want.

If you are looking for an easy, relaxing, and very affordable camping experience, then a bell tent is the answer. Made of cotton canvas and lightweight carbon fiber poles, bell tents are built to last without weighing down your pack. These tents are spacious enough to fit 6-12 people with room. They also come in a variety of colors and sizes so you can find one that suits your needs best when looking at yurts for sale!

The history of the bell tent dates back to the 1800's

Canvas bell tents are shelters that date back to the 1800s, and were made as a hybrid from yurt tents, because there only used to be yurts for sale. They got their name because of the bell shape they form around the center pole. Families would pitch these insulated tents near a stream or river for fishing and camping trips. Bell tents were also used during World War I to house soldiers in Europe. Tents can still be purchased today for recreation purposes to campers, scouts, and families looking for an adventure.

Bell tents have been a staple of camping for generations, and it’s no wonder why. They offer a unique experience that just can’t be replicated with a traditional tent. First, they are much larger than a traditional tent, which means you have more space to sleep comfortably and move around in. This is especially beneficial to larger families or groups of friends, because it allows everyone to have their own space.

What are the benefits of a bell tent?

A canvas bell tent is a tent that is made from canvas, and it has a peaked roof. In contrast to a yurt tent, the inside of the bell tent is divided into two sections by a central pole. Bell tents are usually placed on firm ground, which helps to prevent them from being pushed around if someone walks around in their sleeping bag. One drawback of the bell tent for some campers is that they can let in more light than other darker yurts for sale.

A bell tent is a type of tent with sloping walls around the base, creating an interior space that is more spacious than tents with straight walls. The large floor area creates more room to stand up and move around, and provides greater storage capacity for camping supplies. The design of the corners allows for an airier feel inside the tent, as there are no interior panels blocking the view.

How to pack up your canvas bell tent

Packing your Bell Tent can be an easy task if you are prepared & follow the directions. But it's worth noting that not every Bell Tent is the same. There are three different types of Bell Tents: Dome, Wedge, and A-Frame. Dome tents are the most difficult to pack up; this is because they have the most poles to deal with. Wedge tents are easier to pack up than Dome tents because they're less cumbersome inside, and the easiest is A-frame tents to pack up, because you are mainly dealing with one central pole and the fabric.

At Chamonix, we use the A-frame model of tent and give very detailed unstructions on how to set up and unpack your bell tent! We even have some of our customers competing with who can do it the fastest :) 

The best season to camp with a bell tent:

It's that time of year again. The leaves are changing colors and the air has a crisp autumn scent. You can feel the anticipation in the air for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's also the season where families and friends traditionally gather together for camping trips in an insulated tent. Being cooped up inside for many months is not always what you want when your cabin fever sets in and everyone needs a little fresh air and outdoor adventure!

Bell tents provide an efficient camping option for all types of camping enthusiasts, year round! Our personal favorite times of year to use a bell tent for camping are the transitional seasons (spring + autumn), because canvas fabric bell tents provide enough insulation to make the nights warm while you're sleeping, and grant enough room for everyone to be very comfortable inside.

What's the best canvas bell tent on the market?

There are a few great canvas bell tents on the market, but if you're looking a tent that is easy to set up and has plenty of room, then our Signature Canvas Tent is the best choice of bell tent, it comes in sizes for up to 4, 6, 8, and 10 people. Our new and upgraded version includes a stove jack and two windows with zippered closure, so it's perfect for families. It also includes a handy carry bag, stakes to keep it secure, and a mallot to pound them in!