How To Pack And Store Your Bell Tent Properly

Mar 03, 22

How To Pack And Store Your Bell Tent Properly

A bell tent is a great investment for anyone who loves spending time outdoors. Not only is it a comfortable place to sleep, but it can also be used as a hideaway during bad weather. If you want to ensure that your bell tent lasts for years to come, follow these tips on how to properly pack and store it.

First, make sure that the tent is completely dry before packing it away. The best way to dry a bell tent is to hang it outside and let the sun do its job. If you’re in an area where there isn’t enough sunlight, use fans or air conditioners to make sure that the tent dries inside out. The more air circulation, the better.

Properly packing and storing your canvas bell tent is something you will not want to be lazy about, because it will protect your investment for years to come and increase the tent's longevity. Below is our complete guide to successfully packing and storing your bell tent.


What Is A Bell Tent?

A bell tent is a type of tent that has a pointed top and typically stands around 6-8 feet tall. It gets its name from the bell-like shape the roof makes when viewed from above. Bell tents are unmistakeably made from canvas and have a sturdy metal center pole, often you will see people setting them up on large wooden frames. They are often used for camping and outdoor events, and are the modern day, better constructed version of a teepee. Bell tents are durable and versatile. They are phenomenal tents for glamping, hunting, military practices, and recreation. Whatever your next adventure may be, you can always count on a sturdy bell tent.

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How To Pack Your Canvas Bell Tent

Your tent comes with a carrying case. Before you insert it back into the case, make sure the tent is clean and dry. Once you’ve taken all your stuff out of the tent, perform a thorough cleanup to make sure its windows and doors are zipped shut.

When there is any sort of moisture on (or in) your tent, wipe it using a dry cloth. It is important to be sure you never pack or store your bell tent while it is wet. You must then hang up or otherwise stow it in order to ensure that it's secure and dry. By taking these steps, you'll be sure that your tent is ready for your next trip.

  1. Remove the stakes that are holding your tent secured to the ground. It will be helpful to loosen the guy pegs before removing the stakes from the ground. Clean the stakes and wipe all of the dirt off, setting them aside for now.
  2. Remove the poles that are holding up the tent (mainly the bulky center pole). Once the poles ar removed, the body and fabric of the bell tent will collapse on the ground. unattach the pol into smaller pieces so is't small enough to fit into your carrier bag. Put the dismantled poles aside.
  3. Now that the tent is collapsed, fold it lengthwise right down the middle (essentially folding it in half). You should have a tent that is now the shape of a 1/2 circle, groundsheet facing up. Now wipe the bottom of the tent to remove dirt and moisture.
  4. Fold the tent, length-wise right down the middle again. IT is important to note that with each fold, keep wiping down the bottom of the tent until it’s clear of dirt and moisture. It can be beneficial to set your carrier bag next to the folded tent to make sure that the width of the tent will fit into the length of the carrier bag. 
  5. Now, fold your tent right down the middle (so that the width of your folded tent is half of what it was). By now, your tent should be much more minimized and have a rectangular shape. IT would be helful to tuck the edges in towards the center to make the folded tent even more compact.
  6. Starting from the most cleanly folded edge, roll the tent up as tightly as possible. It is important to start with as tight of a roll as you can get, because it will only get slightly more loose from there. A helpful tip that we use is to place your knee on the tent with each rolling motion to ensure you get a nicely packed roll. Secure your roll with rope or string if you need.
  7. Hold the rolled-up tent vertically, it should look like a cylinder, and slip the carrier bag over the top. Turn it upsie down and gently shake the bag, letting gravity inch the tent down tinto the bag until the folded tent is entirely inside of the bag. If the tent doesn’t fit into the bag, this may mean you have to retry, pulling it out and making it into a tighter fold.
  8. Now it's time to put the stakes, guy pegs, and poles into the bag alongside the neatly folded tent. Zip up your carry bag and now you can freely head out!



How To Store Your Canvas Bell Tent

Improper tent storage is the leading cause of tent damage. Gently caring for your tent will help you have a long-lasting, gorgeous tent life. By following simple storage steps, you can safeguard your tent from fungi, holes, and other structural damage. For best results, store your canvas tent in a cool, dry area that's off the ground and far from the sun.


1) Dry it off

Keep your tent dry. The main thing to keep in mind is that you should leave your tent to dry off after it's wet, since it may cause permanent damage and exacerbate allergies and skin conditions. If you can't get the entire tent completely dry when packing it, be sure to unpack it a day later on a dry surface and let it dry for a few days.


2) Store in a dry, cool place away from sunlight

Store your canvas tent in a cool, dry room away from sunlight or extreme weather. Make sure it is stored on the ground in a well-lit, well-ventilated location. If storing your tent in a plastic bin, you can use metal screening or put it in a secure storage area to keep it from munwanted substances or bugs/mice chewing holes in the canvas fabric.


3) Store at no warmer than room temperature

Store your tent at room temperature. Storing your tent in a hot or cold location can damage the canvas. If possible, store it far from harsh temperature fluctuations, like a closet or attached garage. Store the inside of your main tent between 68 and 76 degrees.


4) Clean at least once per year

Clean your bell tent every 8-12 months or so to guarantee it's in good shape for many years to come. Pay close attention to the zippers and joints to make sure that everything is in working order. You should generally be fine spraying it down to eliminate dirt and debris. To treat stubborn stains or mold, you'll have to wash it much deeper and get some mild soap involved. Check out our article on how to clean your canvas bell tent here.