Glamping Hacks: 5 Necessities To Glamp Successfully

Mar 04, 22

Glamping Hacks: 5 Necessities To Glamp Successfully

Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but sometimes it can be a little too rustic and bare bones for some people. Glamping, or glamour camping, is a way to get the best of both worlds. By bringing along a few key items, you can make your glamping trip even more enjoyable. Here are 5 necessities for glamping.



1) Classy Accomodation

Your first big step to go from camping to glamping may be to upgrade your tent to a bell tent or wall tent to create more room, surround yourself with beautiful, high canvas fabric walls, and allow you to feel protected against various elements when you close it up. Canvas tents are a great choice for this; the double stitched material stands up to harsh weather conditions, which is especially beneficial for if you're searching for an option for a semi-permanent outdoor shelter for glamping.



2) Shower

A shower is a must have for glamping. Whether you’re camping in a tent or in an RV, getting a portable shower (most commonly used is a hand held pump shower with a foot petal) is crucial to a great glamping experience. It's not glamping if you feel dirty, and rinsing off in the lake doesn't exactly feel like "glamping" either. Treat yourself & your crew to a nice little portable shower to get off the dirt and bug spray, feeling fresh every day.



3) Smokeless Fire Pit / Grill

The smokeless fire pit is our staff favorite item for a successful glamping trip. Smokeless? Yes, you read that right. There are a few companies out there who have adopted a structural design technology for their fire pits allowing the smoke to be cut down by as much as 95%. Do you hate playing musical chairs trying to avoid the wind blowing intense amounts of bonfire smoke in your face? Do you want to wakeup not smelling like a woody ashtray? Then a smokeless bonfire pit should be at the top of your list of things to buy for your next trip, they are super convenient.



4) Bedding & Cookware

Good glamping decor can make your outdoors adventure truly feel like home. This includes nice bedding, more than just a sleeping bag. treat yourself with an air mattress, the definition of glamping alludes to bringing comfort into the outdoors, a place with usually very little natural comfort. So ditch the sleeping bag, trade up for an air mattress, and throw some nice sheets and bedding on it. You deserve to wakeup feeling rejuvinated. The 2nd most important camping element to keep inside your tent is good cooking equipment. The solution to a great weekend is sleeping well + eating well. Go get yourself a camping stove, or a fire pit, and some cast iron pans, cookware, etc. One of our team's favorite parts of camping together is the gigantic meals we make together when the sun is winding down and everyone is building an appetite.

The emphasis on cooking is so popular, we even designed our canvas tents here at Chamonix around the ability to cook in-tent. Over the last year, we designed a 6" stove-jack in the roof of our tents, so that your stove's chimney can go through the roof of the tent and no smoke will get inside. Our stove-jacks are resealable and fire-proof, of course.



5) Lights & Decor

Our customers seem to have the most fun with this one! They love adding their own lights and decor because it not only feels more homey that way, but it adds such a great level of personalization - making your set up your own. There are some amazing photos in our gallery of families and friends running streams of lights around the inside of their tents, bringing their own decor such as tapestries and nightstands, really anything to make your space feel as cozy as your bedroom.



In Summary

Making the switch from camping to glamping doesn't have to be done overnight, and it's something that you will not master right away, especially because it will take some money as well. If you are serious about being camping and enjoying nature, you should definitely give glamping a shot and treat yourself to some of it's nicer amenities. Go beyond the barebones of camping, setting up a small tent, and using a sleeping bag. That isn't sustainable and no matter how much you love the outdoors, it's hard to look forward to sleeping overnight outside in rugged living situations.


Check out our Signature Canvas Tent, with big beautiful canvas walls, huge space, and luxurious feel, it is a great first step on the road to glamping.